Positive Psychology Exercises

7 Positive Psychology Exercises to Enhance Your Well-Being

When you think about psychology, your minds tend to link it with mental illness and learn the factors behind conditions like depression or the aftermath of trauma. However, positive psychology is a bit different; it makes you focus on understanding what contributes to mental well-being, not solely on mental illness. In this article, Mental Map Guide will list the top …

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Nature Therapy

Embracing Nature Therapy on the Path to Inner Peace

When talking about inner peace, many people will think about Meditation because it is easy to learn or doesn’t take too much time. However, you should have noticed something interesting! There are more remarkable methods to help you find inner peace even when you are in challenging times. Yes. It is called Nature Therapy. You will explore those methods while …

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Why is sleep important for Mental Health

Why Is Sleep Important for Mental Health?

Everyone has experienced that feeling! It’s one o’clock in the morning, and you close your eyes, struggling on your bed. Then you helplessly open your eyes, looking for something to help you sleep better; you try turning on meditation music, picking up a book to read, etc. What happens? The alarm bell rings, and you really feel like you’re going …

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Disorganized Attachment Style

Understanding the Impact of Disorganized Attachment Style on Adult Relationships

Your early experiences shape your attachment style: secure, anxious, avoidant, or disorganized. Disorganized attachment, the rarest, can result from specific traumas, causing a desire for connection but discomfort with emotional intimacy. If you might have recognized this attachment style that resonates with you. In this article, you’ll explore the intricacies of disorganized attachment and learn some nice tips for a …

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How to Stop Negative Thinking? 5 Signs You Are Overthinking Everything

You finally get a few quiet moments to yourself, but your mind just can’t stop mulling over past decisions and future prospects. Sounds familiar, right? This is called overthinking which can lead your brain into an infinite loop of worst-case scenarios. Overthinking, a familiar experience, occurs when you have a rare chance for solitude but instead find your mind consumed …

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How to Practice Self-Compassion: Tips and Techniques

Do you treat yourself with kindness and compassion just like you treat a good friend? If you are struggling with giving yourself a break, read this post to learn what self-compassion means and how you can practice it to build a healthier life.  What is Self-Compassion?  Do you ever blame, criticize, or even beat yourself after a stressful event or …

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